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Whether you are moving to a city or to the country, East Coast or West Coast, we got you covered.   We only connect you to the Elite Movers who will get you from point A to point B.

Have you ever wondered the difference between an Elite Moving Company and a So-So Moving Service?

It is a question that has long been contemplated by many.  As millions move businesses and residences yearly, finding registered and credible moving companies is more than just difficult.  Sometimes, if you are not properly connected, it can be almost impossible.  Here’s why.

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If any of your upcoming plans involve moving, it can often be difficult to figure out what type of moving service you need.  There are so many moving services, companies and brokers to evaluate and consider carefully for your move.  

Will you have time to properly coordinate your move?  Or will you be moving out in a hurry with little time for planning?  If you have time to do the foot work on your own, you may want to research and read up on several companies who service your area.  Be sure to check out the following sites when you do so:

  • The Better Business Bureau: This site is a wonderful resource to help you look up information on potential moving companies you are considering for hire.        
  • Yelp: Everyone is familiar with Yelp.  Take the reviews under careful scrutiny and keep in mind that not all are 100% true.  But look out for patterns with your moving company’s reviewers.  Do they all say your company has damaged some of their furniture?  If so, you may want to take that very seriously.
  • My Moving Reviews: this is another great resource for moving company reviews that are all submitted by clients who have used their services.
  • Google: Google reviews also offer a glimpse at your potential mover’s reputation.  It is wise to check out the businesses google listing and read some of the reviews that are up on the page.

If you have the time prior to your move, it would be very wise to thoroughly research each and every companies’s online profiles before choosing one specifically.  You should also ask all of your friends and relatives if they know of a reputable moving company whom they have personally used.  This is how you will have a successful move of your personal residence or a business.

If your moving company is an Elite Moving Company, you will notice they offer premier services and quality, they are properly licensed, and their equipment is new and high quality.  When looking at their rates, they will not promise you the cheapest service out there.  They will charge you the correct amount for the service you need. They will not overcharge or undercharge in any way.

Elite moving companies will not be found (generally speaking) advertising their services on craigslist.  This is not to say that there are no good quality services on craigslist.  But most of the services will probably be through brokers or other forms of media.  Elite moving companies have a lot of experience.  They often move over 3,000 people at peak season.  So Elite movers will understand how to move you professionally, safely and quickly simply because they do it a lot!

Let’s Recap:

  • When choosing a moving company, spend some time looking at reviews of movers and brokers before calling for an initial consult.  You can find reviews on Better Business Bureau, Yelp, My Moving Reviews, Movers.com and Google
  • If you are able to obtain some referrals, this would be very helpful.   You can post something on Facebook or ask friends and relatives
  • Make sure your mover is providing elite quality services.
  • Do not choose your moving company on craigslist or from a sign hand written on a bulletin board.  Make sure you are choosing reputable movers.
  • Make sure your mover is licensed.

Once you have put together a list of about 5 companies, get out a notepad and call each one individually.  Prior to calling, write down a list of appropriate questions you can ask each company’s representative. This is a good thing to do so you do not get sidetracked when speaking to the representative.

If you are looking for a reputable home moving service, be sure to specify the size of the move.  You don’t want to get hit with any extra fees or add-ons.  Get an estimate for the move.  Read carefully through any and all paperwork so you fully understand where moving companies may up charge you if you are not fully prepared.

Top 10 Tips for Your Long Distance Relocation

If you are among thousands of individuals who have pulled out as well as moved their business or home, you’re familiar with frustrations of relocating. Here are top ten moving tips to facilitate you in arranging a stress-free relocation.

Plan Ahead

Relocating requires arranging and time. Bigger nearby moves and the interstate migrations will need walkthroughs along with more opportunity to deliver a quote. Start the procedure early particularly if the move will happen toward the end of the month.

Be Conservative

Moving day could be exceptionally hectic and the last minutes changes could be costly. Be preservationist and practical about the time by not arranging excessively numerous different things for the relocation day. In the event that it could be maintained a strategic distance from we exceptionally suggest not planning the move for that day of an end.


Today shopper audit websites offer a look into nature of services a moving organization gives as well as how they act. These are extraordinary assets to abstain from the moving scams, see purchaser encounters and get the best value.

Teach Yourself

Comprehend the size as well as multifaceted nature of the relocation and be practical about the measure of work it’ll require. Belittling the move could bring about sudden expenditure overruns.

Have it in Writing

The greater part of the estimating is distributed, however the companies could likewise upbeat to send the email once the team measure, trip expenditure and store is built up so you understand what is in store and stay away from any amazements.

Begin packing

Or on the other hand, contract the service provider. They are specialists in the specialty of packing. The experts offer good packing rates and also awesome reserve funds on the packing supplies that will assist take the heap off the shoulders. Not being completely arranged on reocation day is the main reason cost could surpass what was initially cited.


Modifications are exceptionally normal before the relocation day. Maybe everything from the end date to an extent of work ought to be changed as the move approaches. Remaining in correspondence as well as giving the moving companies however much notice as could reasonably be expected encourages them to provide you the most financially savvy arrangements.

Understand Insurance and Payment Policy

The relocation requires a deposit that is non-refundable to secure the each relocation reservation. The postponements should be gotten before 5 PM the day preceding the move. The companies will reschedule on their accessibility.

Be Present

Much of the time the moving organization will deal with everything their client possesses. Certain pieces might require additional care as well as everything will require particular position the time it gets to the destination. Being available from the starting point to ending is perfect and it decreases time as well as expenses.

Follow Up

The dedication of the moving team doesn’t end toward the end of the long distance relocation. You will get an affirmation call from the moving company 2 days after the relocation to get the feedback as well as address any worries.

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